1891 Census


Piece RG12/ 679; Folio 11; Page 15; Sch 113  
23 Queens Road, Tunbridge, Kent
Name Relationship Cond Age occupation Birth Place
Combley, James Head Mar 34 farmer Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Combley, Katherine A Wife Mar 34   Bowood, Wiltshire
Combley, James N Son   12 Scholar Calne, Wiltshire
Combley, Mabel Daughter   11 Scholar Calne, Wiltshire
Combley, Eleanor Daughter   9 Scholar Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Combley, Katherine Daughter   7 Scholar Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Piece RG12/ 0679; Folio 011; Page 016; Sch 113    
Combley, Grecian R Daughter   6   Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Combley, Edward Son   5   Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Combley, Henrietta Daughter   4   Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Combley, Jennie Daughter   3   Wedhampton, Wiltshire
Combley, Grecian Daughter   1   Chirton (Churton), Wiltshire
Combley, George Son   5 mo   Littlehampton, Sussex
Smith, Hannah A Servant   18   Ferring, Sussex
Smith, Elizabeth I Servant   16   Ferring, Sussex
Piece RG12/ 2062; Folio 116; Page 030; Sch 205  
30 Eign Road, St Owen , Herefordshire
Name Relationship Cond Age occupation Birth Place
White, Frederick James Head Mar 29 Pianoforte Tuner St Pancras, London
White, Mary Wife Mar 28   Hereford, Herefordshire
White, Reginald Comley Son   2   Hereford, Herefordshire
White, Dorothy Gladys Daughter   8 mo   Hereford, Herefordshire
Comley, Eliza Mother-in-law Mar 62 Living on own means Woodnorton, Norfolk
Comley, Ellen Sister in law Unm 25 Book sellers assist. Hereford, Herefordshire
??, Florence Eliz Servant Unm 15 Genl servt Birmingham
Piece RG12/ 2213; Folio 91; Page 4; Sch 21  
Nr Church, Burntwood, Staffordshire
Name Relationship Cond Age occupation Birth Place
Comeley, Thomas Head Mar 55 Farmer Broad Town, Wiltshire
Comeley, Elizth Head Mar 65   Broad Town, Wiltshire
Greatrex, Fredk Servant Unm 19 Farm servant Broad Town, Wiltshire
Bagshaw, Emily Servant Unm 12 Domestic servant Hilton, Staffordshire
Piece RG12/ 2374; Folio 107; Page 38; Sch 216  
Icknield Port Road 3 Back of 155, Birmingham , Warwickshire
Name Relationship Cond Age occupation Birth Place
Comley, Harry H Head Mar 27 Engineers Storekeeper Purton, Wiltshire
Comley, Eliza A Wife Mar 25   Birmingham
Comley, Harry H Son   2   Birmingham
Comley, Lydia L Daughter   4 mo   Birmingham



Name Relationship Cond Age occupation Birth Place

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