Gloucestershire Gaols

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Gloucester Gaol Records

Date of admission No Name Age Parish By whom committed Crime Marks, Stature etc When tried and event of trial When discharged How behaved
January 16, 1819 140 George Comely 19 Broad Somerford, Wilts James Agg Esq Charged on the oath of Joseph Stevens, servant to William Humphris Barrett on suspicion of having on the 15th day of January instant feloniously stolen take and carried away from a bread barrow in the parish of Cheltenham three half quarter loaves and a threepenny loaf the property of the said Wm Humphris Barrett. Light brown hair dark eyes fresh complexion long face large nose wide mouth two scars on the back of left hand a small scar at the bottom of his back two moles on his throat sevl moles abt his breast - read and write
Labourer Height 5-3
Lent Assizes
March 31 1819
Four calr months in Penitentiary
Removed 3rd April 1819
See penitentiary register
March 8, 1828 187 John Comely 37 Kingswood, Wilts George Cooke DD Charged on the oaths of John Blatchley and Daniel Fowler with having feloniously stolen taken and carried away three quarters of a pound weight of woolen Abb the property of Saml Long and William Long clothiers out of a mill belong to the sd Samuel Long and William Long at Charfield on the seventh day of March last past Dark hair turning grey dark eye brows and whiskers hazel eyes pale complexion thin face a scar on his right cheek lost his lower front teeth a mole on his throat not read
Weaver Height 5'1"
Lent Assizes
April 2nd 1828
Six cal months in Penity
5 April 1828
See penitentiary records
March 3rd 1832 295 Thomas Comley 32 Old Sodbury Wm Joyner Ellis Esq
Charged with killing and slaying William Croome Dark brown hair grey eye fair complexion broad face a mole on the right side his mouth a scar on his forehead mole ?? Side his neck six moles and a scar on his right arm five moles on left arm scar on left knee large scar near the calf of left leg several brown marks on his shoulders very stout made - not read nor write
Labourer Height 5-9
Lent Assizes
March 28 1832
Not Guilty
3rd April 1832 Orderly
8th December 1834 139 George Comley 43 North Nibley P. B. Purnell Esq Charged on the oaths of George Dangerfield and others with knowingly and feloniously receiving part of two ends of cloth well knowing the same to be stolen at North Nibley on the 10th September last the property of the said George Dangerfield Grey hair grey eyes fresh complexion large nose long face mole on the right arm a mole on the thigh two moles on his hip scar on the right thighseveral small moles on the back of the neck - Read and write
Cloth Dresser Height 5-5
Epiphany sessions
January 6th 1835
Not Guilty
10th January 1835 Orderly
8th December 1834 140 Robert Comley 18 North Nibley P. B. Purnell Esq
Dark brown hair dark brown eyes fair complexion long face several small moles on the right arm the first finger on the left hand crooked large scar on the left thigh - Read and write
Cloth Dresser Height 5-4
Epiphany sessions
January 6th 1835
Four calr months the last month in solitude
10th January 1835
1st January 1841 196 William Comley 27 Charfield M F J Stephens
Charged on Oath for suspicion of felony in stealing a wether sheep at Tytherington the property of John Sainsbury Black hair brown eyes fresh complexionthree moles on the chest and a mole on the right arm above the elbow
Labourer 5-4
Lent Assizes
March 31st 1841
Eighteen calendar months two weeks thereof in solitude
April 5th 1841 Orderly


 Date of admission
Prisoner's number in index
Late residence and trade if any
Cause of commitment
By whom committed
By what court to be tried By what court tried and when
Event of trial
Sentence passed
mem. of Expiration of term
When discharged or removed
By what authority
Religious persuasion
Previously known character habits and connexions
Convicted before and how oftem
Age Height
Other marks
Quarter sessions
Quarter sessions
1876 Jany 3 8202 William Comely
See Aug 31 1875
Stealing at Alveston on the 29 of August 1875 one shirt and one pair of stockings the property of Mark Gaulter(?) and three stockings the property of Elizabeth Grace Gaulter H. J. Fust Junr esq
Jany 5 1876
Pleaded guilty
Six months hard labour
1876 July 4
1876 July 4
Term expired
Widower ??? Nat: Purton Stoke, Wilts
known to PG Arthur(?) 13 years
has been here for stealing etc - son Chas Comley Gloucester Road,, Thornbury Glos
1876 Jany 3 8203 Mary Comely
20 5-2 dk
bro oval ruddy Long scar on left wrist, a mole in front of neck, ear pierced Feloniously receiving and harbouring William Comely well knowing the above said felony to have been committed by him H. J. Fust Junr esq yes           No Bill Church
single. Nat: Thornbury known to PG Arthur(?) 13 years - nothing else agst her - sister Ellen Comley Bath Road, Thornbury, Glos


Bristol Gaols
A Calendar of all the prisoners committed to the House of Correction in the Parish of Ss Philip and Jacob in the County of Gloucester(shire?) Octo 2th 1753 to Jan the 15th 1754

Dec 22nd

Recd the Body Theophilus Comely comited by Jacob Close(?) Esq being charged with Diserting his masters service through seven Days and returned to his said Master
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