The Parish Church of St Arilda

Until 1863 this was a chapelry of Thornbury. There was a fire in the church in about 1888 which destroyed all the church records. The only ones remaining are the Bishops Transcripts. These can be viewed at the Gloucester Record Office, and are on microfilm, not listed under Oldbury, but following those of Thornbury

Further information on Oldbury parish registers can be found at Scribes Alcove

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Oldbury on Severn Parish Registers and Bishop's Transcripts
Baptisms from BTs
1839 May 13 Anna dau of William and Ann COMELY of Cowhill, Yeoman
1847 Jan 1 William son of Robert and Anna COMLEY of Oldbury, Farmer
1857 Aug 2 James Comely son of James and Eliza CORNOCK of Oldbury

Baptisms from PRs
None available

Burials from BTs
1822 Jan 21 James COMELY of Oldbury aged 32 years
1836 May 9 William Neale COMELY of Oldbury aged 12 weeks
1839 May 13 Anna COMELY of Cowhill aged 9 weeks
1840 Feb 10 William Neal COMELY of Cowhill aged 2 years 8 months
1847 Feb 13 Anna COMELY of Oldbury aged 34 years
1847 Oct 7th William COMELY of Oldbury aged 10 months
1857 May 1 Robert COMELEY of Oldbury aged 45 years

Burials from Memorial Inscriptions
Dates are of death, not burial. Dates in RED have not been found in the Parish registers

Visit by Andrew Mead, March 2004

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Memorial Inscriptions:

There are several COMELY tombs still in the churchyard
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Two graves below west end of church


In Memory of
WILLIAM COMELY of Oldbury on Severn
who departed this life Jan 7th 1876 Aged 67 years
Also of ANN his WIFE who died
July 16th 1877 Aged 67 years

Sacred to the Memory of
MARY COMELY who departed this life
July 13th 1870 Aged 60 years


of this village
Who departed this life 18th Feb 1847
in the 35th year
of her age
Also of WILLIAM their son
who departed this life Oct 3rd 1847
Aged 10 months and 3 days
Also of the aforesaid
who departed this life April 20th 1857
Aged 45 years


Three graves along west end of church

On end of grave:

died March 15th 1885 Aged 42 years
ELIZABETH COMELY wife of the above
died August 22nd 1923 aged 76 years
ROBERT COMELY son of the above
died January 18 1925 aged 48 years


On top of grave:

died Feby 7 1812
Aged 28

Also in memory of
son of WILLIAM and ANN
COMELY of Cowhill in this
Parish and grandson of the
afore-said ROBERT COMELY
who departed this life
May 6th 1836
Aged 12 weeks and 5days
Also in memory of
daughter of the aforesaid
who departed this life
the 10 May 1839
aged 9 weeks and 3 days
of the above died Feby 6th
1840 Aged 2yrs & 8 Mons



and in memory of
of this parish
who died the 17th January 1822
aged 32 years
Also in memory of
who died Nov 12th 1887
Aged 79 years
Thy will be done
Also of ELIZA
wife of the said
who died Nov 13th 1903?
Aged 85 years
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord


In memory of MARY wife of NICHOLAS CORNOCK
Yeoman of Shipperdine in this parish
who departed this life October 6th 1850 aged 69 years

Also in memory of
who departed this life February 25th 1863
aged 87 years


Sacred to the Memory of
of this tything
who departed this life May 16 1850
Aged 43 years

In memory of ELLEN daughter of
the aforesaid NICHOLAS and MARY CORNOCK
who died January 20 1898 aged 90 years
also of MARY sister of the above
who died June 16 1903 aged 93 years


1851 census:
HO107/1957 FF.0267 - 0281 ED.3A THORNBURY
Piece: 1957 Folio: 0271 Schedule: 011
Address: Cowhill Farm
COMELY William HD M 42 Farmer of 300Ac Emp 4L GLS Thornbury
COMELY Ann WI M 41   GLS Thornbury
Scholar GLS Oldbury
BENNETT Ann VR W 70 Annuitant GLS Thornbury
plus six servants  

HO107/1957 FF.0267 - 0281 ED.3A THORNBURY
Piece: 1957 Folio: 0275 Schedule: 033
Address: West End
KNAP James HD M 60 Farmer of 20Ac & Fisher GLS Thornbury
KNAP Hannah WI M 63   GLS Oldbury
COMELY Mary DL U 40   GLS Oldbury
KNAP Frances DA U 39   GLS Oldbury
KNAP Edwin SO U 24 Employed at Home GLS Oldbury
KNAP Desimas SO U 21 Employed at Home GLS Oldbury
KNAP Hector SO U 19 Employed at Home GLS Oldbury
DAY Ruth SV U 14 General Servant GLS Oldbury

1861 census:
RG9; Piece 1748; Folio 107; page 9; Sch 47
Thornbury, Oldbury (on Severn), Glos
Knapp James Head Wid 71 Retired farmer GLS Thornbury
  Hector Son Un 30 ?? GLS Thornbury
  ??? grandson   11 Scholar GLS Thornbury
  Robert do   9 Scholar GLS Thornbury
Comely Mary Boarder Un 51 ?? GLS Thornbury
+ nurse and servant  

RG9: Piece 1748; Folio 113; page 2; Sch 11
Oldbury on Severn, Glos, Cowhill

Comely William Head Mar 52 Farmer 300 acres emp 5 men, 13 boys Glos, Thornbury
  Ann Wife Mar 51 Farmer's wife Glos, Thornbury
  Robert Son Un 19 Farmer's son Glos, Thornbury
  Walter Son Un 18 Farmer's son Glos, Thornbury
+ 4 servants  

1881 census:
Dwelling: Cowhill (Cowhill Farm)
Census Place: Thornbury, Gloucester, England
PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2516 Folio 27 Page 1

COMELY Robert Head M 39 Farmer 291 Acres Empl 5 Labourers 12 Boys Cowhill, Gloucester
COMELY Elizabeth Wife M 34   Compton, Gloucester
COMELY Mary Daur   7 Scholar Cowhill, Gloucester
COMELY Ann Daur   5 Scholar Cowhill, Gloucester
COMELY Robert Son   5 Scholar Cowhill, Gloucester
COMELY William C Son   3   Cowhill, Gloucester
COMELY Elizabeth Daur   1   Cowhill, Gloucester
COMELY Susan Daur   2m   Cowhill, Gloucester
NEWINGTON Sophie Governess U 24 Domestic Governess (T R) Riverhead, Kent
JAMES Hester Serv U 40 Dairymaid (Indoor) (Farm Serv) Oldbury On Severn, Gloucester
HAYWARD Fanny Serv U 17 Housemaid Almondsbury, Gloucester
TILLEY Sarah Serv U 15 Nursemaid Rudgeway, Gloucester
DAY Charles Serv U 16 Farm Serv (Indoor) Oldbury On Severn, Gloucester

Dwelling: Cowhill
Census Place: Thornbury, Gloucester, England
PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2516 Folio 27 Page 1

ALLEN William Head U 30 Farmer Of 94 Acres Empl 1 Labourer 1 Lad Cowhill Oldbury, Gloucester
ALLEN Frederick Brother U 24 Farmer With The Above (Farmer) Cowhill Oldbury, Gloucester
ALLEN Hester Sister U 23 Housekeeper (Dom) Cowhill Oldbury, Gloucester
ALLEN Annie Sister U 28 Housekeeper (Dom) Cowhill Oldbury, Gloucester
COMELY William Nephew   5   Shipperdine Oldbury
BENNETT Edward Serv U 16 Farm Serv (Indoor) Oldbury, Gloucester
POOLE Elizabeth Serv U 14 Domestic Serv Oldbury, Gloucester

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Oldbury on Severn Wills
John Comley, of Cowhill, Thornbury, 1796 (buried at Westonbirt)


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