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Otterbourne, Hampshire
St Matthew

Old Times at Otterbourne
This was a book written by Charlotte M Yonge, second edition published in 1891

It has several references to Comleys and can be found here
The following is taken from the transcript (websites have a habit of disappearing and the source material lost!)
In 1690, a larger parchment register was provided, and every two years it appears to have been shown up to the magistrates at the Petty Sessions, and signed by two of them.

At this time there seem to have been some repairs of the church. Certainly, a great square board painted with the royal arms was then erected, for it bore the date 1698, and the initials “W. M.” for William and Mary. There it was, on a beam, above the chancel arch, and the lion and unicorn on either side, the first with a huge tongue hanging out at the corner of his mouth, looking very complacent, as though he were displaying the royal arms, the unicorn slim and dapper with a chain hanging from his neck.

Several of our old surnames appear about this time, Cox, Comley, Collins, Goodchild, Woods, Wareham. John Newcombe, Rector of Otterbourne, who afterwards became Bishop of Llandaff, signs his register carefully, but drops the Latin, as various names may be mentioned, Scientia, or Science Olden, Philadelphia Comley, and Dennis Winter, who married William Westgate. Anne and Abraham were the twin children of John and Anne Didimus, in 1741.

The first church rate book only begins in 1776, but it is curious as showing to whom the land then belonged. The spelling is also odd, and as the handwriting is beautiful, so there is no doubt that it really is an account of the Church Raiting, nor that the “rait” was “mead.” Walter Smythe, Esquire, of Brambridge, appears, also John Colson John Comley, and Charles Vine. Lincolns belonged to Mr. Kentish and Gun Plot to Thilman.

Baptisms and Marriages are taken from the 'Family Search (Beta version)'

St Matthew


Christening Birth date Name Father Mother Source Film No.: Indexing Project
Batch No.:
9 Mar 1752   SALOME COMLY James Christian    
19 Oct 1757   James Comley James Ann    
25 Feb 1759   Mary Chilver Comley James Ann    
25 Jan 1761   Caroline Comley James Ann    
14 Nov 1762   Ann Comley James Ann    
16 Jul 1780   James Comley John Sarah 1596257 I04032-8
23 May 1782   John Comley John Sarah 1596257 I04032-8
2 Nov 1783   Caroline Comley John Sarah    
12 Mar 1786   Elizth. Comley John Comley Sarah 1596257 I04032-8
23 Mar 1786   Elizabeth Comley Jno. Comley Sarah 1596257 I04032-8
23 Oct 1788   Hester Comely Joh. Comely Sarah 1596257 I04032-8
05 Jul 1792   Thomas Comely John Comely Sarah 1596257 I04032-8
12 Feb 1795   Sarah Comley John Comley Sarah 1596257 I04032-8
07 Oct 1796   Ann Comley John Comley Sarah 1596257 I04032-8
28 Mar 1784   Ann Gill        
James Comley (1780) married Ann Gill at Compton, Hants. For details of marriage and children see Compton.


Date Groom Forenames Age Notes His Father Bride Forenames Age Residence Her Father Source Film No.: Indexing Project Batch No.:
27 Dec 1756 Comley James       Chilver Ann          
06 Apr 1779 Richard Colson       Comley Mary Chilver          
23 Aug 1808 Vine Charles       Comley Caroline       1596257 I04032-8
28 Sep 1825 Priddle John   Widower   Comeley Sarah       1596257 I04032-8

Allegations for Marriage Licences in Hampshire:
Page 136
Priddle, John of North Stoneham, w, and Sarah Comely of Otterbourne, 21 at O, 27 Sep 1825


Burial Date Forename Surname Age Spouse Father Mother Source Film No.: Indexing Project
Batch No.:
09 Dec 1741 John Comley            
07 Mar 1742 Jane Comely            
16 Jul 1756 Christian Comley   James        
31 Oct 1757 James Comley            
03 Nov 1767 Salome Comley     James      
29 Jun 1773 Philadelphia Comley     James      
02 Mar 1791 James Comely            
03 Aug 1794 Thos. Comley     John Comley Sarah 1596257 I04032-8
01 Jun 1804 Ann Comley     John Comley   1596257 I04032-8
18 Sep 1804 Ann Comley       Hariett Hays 1596257 I04032-8
09 Nov 1810 Ann Comley         6344429 I02042-0
09 Nov 1810 Ann Comley   James Comley     1596257 I04032-8
12 Sep 1813 John Comely         1596257 I04032-8
06 Feb 1837 Sarah Comely         1596257 I04032-8
13 Mar 1850 Elizabeth Comely         1596257 I04032-8
21 Dec 1861 John Comely         1596257 I04032-8



Name Ref No Place Occupation Other
John COMLEY 1741ad044 Otterbourne Blacksmith  
Admon to Jane Comley, widow on 21st December 1741



Original held at Hampshire Record Office



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