Wiltshire Apprentices
These have been extracted from fiches
produced by the Wiltshire Family History Society

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From Wilts FHS fiche 'Wiltshire Apprentices'
The second/third line is the name and occupation of the Master
COMLY Francis (64) Chippenham woollen weaver 1710 Apr 3
BALDEN John, woollen weaver, Corsham
COMLY Pheophilus (176) Chippenham weaver 1730  
POKE John, City of Bristol Burgess of Bristol 1739 Oct 22
COMLY Theophilus (80) Chippenham broadweaver 1712 Sep 1
GAY John, broadweaver, Broughton Gifford
COMELY James   Lacock broadweaver 1713 Dec 10
LANHAM John, broadweaver, Trowbridge
COMELY John (age 11) Bradford broadweaver 1777 Feb 7
WHEELER George, broadweaver, Bearfield, Bradford
COMLY George   Bradford broadweaver 1777 Oct 6
FRANKLIN Philip, broadweaver, Frome Selwood, Som
COMLEY John (age 12) Bradford weaver 1801 Mar 25
HUNTLEY Robert, weaver, Bearfield, Bradford
COMLEY Joseph   St. Mary, Cricklade baker 1730 Apr 28
Son of Joseph, Labourer
KEMBLE William, baker, St. Mary
CUMBLEY John 13 St. Mary, Cricklade door brass lockmkr 1758 Mar 1
Son of Joseph, Labourer
RICHARDS John, Woolverhampton, Staffs
COWLEY John age 10 Clyffe Pypard woolstapling 1800 June 21
BAMFORD, COOKE & Co, woolstaplers, Twerton, Bath, Somerford
COWLEY Richard 17 St. Sampson, Cricklade slatter/plasterer 1812 June 27
COLE William, slatter and plasterer, Cirencester, Glos
COWLEY Giles   Mere broadweaver 1785 Dec 13
TANNER, John, broadweaver, Beckington, Somerset
Note - I have included COWLEYs as possible mis-transcriptions

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From Wilts FHS fiche of Broad Town Apprentices
Broad Town Charity is still in existance. For details of present day awards and brief notes of its origins see here

Surname Name Home parish details Date Name of
County Boy
Fee Master
COMLEY John Broad Town Past age 1800 Jul 02   MB    
COMLEY William Thornhill   1811 Sep 09   MB £15 James DRAPER
COMLEY Joseph Thornhill Past age 1816 Aug 07   MB    
COMLEY Solomon Broad Town Past age 1816 Aug 07   MB    
COMLEY Henry Broad Town   1833 Aug 26   MB £10 Robert LITTLE
COMLEY Jasper Broad Town   1836 Dec 19   MB £5 George MASLEN or MASKELYNE
COMLEY William Broad Town Past age 1839 Aug 07   MB    
COMLEY George Broad Town Past age 1841 Aug 04   MB    
COMLEY Abraham Broad Town Past age 1842 Aug 03   MB    
COMLEY Isaac Thornhill Past age 1844 Aug 07   MB    
COMLEY Jacob Thornhill Past age 1845 Aug 06   MB    
COMLEY Thomas Broad Town Past age 1847 Aug 04   MB    
COMLEY Thomas Broad Town Past age 1848 Jul 05   MB    
COMLEY Thomas Broad Town   1848 May 21   MB £15 George CHEQUER
COMLEY Edmund Broad Town   1850 Sep 09   MB £12 Isaac TUCK, shoemaker
COMLEY Anthony Broad Town   1851 Nov 03   MB £12 Stephen GANTLETT
COMLEY Joseph     1853 Jan 31 GODDARD, Rev G A CB £15 Joseph SMITH
COMLEY Richard Broad Town Past age 1852 Jul 16   MB    
COMLEY George     1854 Jul 10 GODDARD, Rev G A CB £15 Robert COLE
COMLEY William Broad Town   1855 Jun 18   MB £5 Henry COMLEY, Carpenter
14 Durham Place, Notting Hill, London
COMLEY Henry Broad Town Past age 1856 Jul 17   MB    
COMLEY James Broad Town No details 1859 Jul 14   MB    
COMLEY John Broad Town No details 1859 Jul 14   MB    
COMELEY Moses Broad Town   1871 Jul 13   MB    
COMLEY Richard Thornhill No details 1878 Jul 11   MB    
COMLEY Frederick George     1881 Nov 07 GODDARD, Rev F CB   Messrs POOLES and BUTLER,
Upholsterers, Swindon
COMLEY William Gilbert Broad Town   1898 Jan 10   MB   John TWYFORD, Builder
Wellington, Somerset


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