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Samuel and Catherine ROSSER


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An honest Man's the noblest Work of GOD
Under this Marble
with those of his beloved Wife lie the mortal remains of
SAMUEL ROSSER Esq of this Parish
who died on the 29th of April 1818, aged 85

As a magistrate
His Conduct was uniformly marked by inflexible Integrity,
Uncommon Independence of Mind & peculiar Soundness of Judgment
As a Gentleman and Friend
They who knew him best Valu'd and lov'd him most
As a Neighbour
The poor sustained a Loss
And he died regretted by many, Respected by all
As a Christian
His example was excellent
And his later End a lesson of Hope
and Resignation to the divine Will
which the conciousness of a well spent Life
could alone inspire.
In grateful Remembrance of his Bounty
and Esteem for his Virtues
This small Tribute of Respect
Is here placed by his
Affectionate Nephew

Underneath are deposited
In the hope of a blessed resurrection the remains of
Wife of SAMUEL ROSSER Esq of this Place
and Eldest Daughter of the late THOMAS WYNDHAM
of Clearwell in the County of Gloucester Esq
She died on the 16th day of December 1806
Aged 77 Years
Enduring without complaint the attacks of
a painful disorder, and calmly resigning her Soul
to Him who gave it.
This marble is erected by her Husband
Who, tho' deeply affected with his loss
Submits to the Divine Wisdom

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