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Baptisms at St. Tewdric, Mathern, 1742-1792
Year date Child's name ~son or daughter Father' christian name Father's surname Mother's name Mother's surname (if different) from (if not Mathern) occupation notes
1742 18-Apr James son William Jones          
1742 31-May Mary dau John Jones          
1742 4-Jul Thomas son Robert Lea          
1742 18-Jul Isaac son Isaac Bird          
1742 16-Oct William son William Williams          
1742/3 19-Jan Thomas Timothy son unreadable Timothy?          
1742/3 6-Feb A bastard son Honor? Morgan          
1742/3 20-Mar Wm? son Roger Harry Mary        
1743 1-Apr Thos son Tho Williams Mary        
1743 17-Apr Martha dau Dan Lewis Martha        
1743 1-May James son John Davies Joyce        
1743 6-Jun Elizabeth son Wm Jones Alice   Runston    
1743 4-Sep Mary dau Walter Anthony Anne        
1743/4 10-Mar Betty dau Samuel Rosser Rose        
1744 14-Apr Sarah dau Abraham Baker Elizabeth        
1744 12-Sep John son   Thumwood?          
1744 12-Sep William son   Thumwood?          
1744/5 27-Jan Thomas son   Harry          
1744/5 2-Feb William son   Williams          
1745 17-Apr Mary dau   Timothy          
1745 26-May not given dau              
1745 20-Jun Nia?     Jones          
1745 8-Jul James son Samuel Rosser Rose        
1745 5-Aug Rachel dau Daniel Lewis Martha        
1745 5-Aug Daniel son Daniel Lewis Martha        
1745 20-Oct David son David Morgan Elizabeth        
1745 11-Dec Joseph son John Thomas Mary        
1745 26-Dec Elizabeth dau David Lawrence Bridget        
1745/6 19-Jan Rachel dau Job Morgan Jane        
1745/6 20-Jan William son William Thumwood Elizabeth        
1745/6 12-Feb Susanna dau William Jones Susan        
1745/6 11-Feb William son Thomas Williams Mary        
1746 2-Apr Edward son Ed Stayman? Mary        
1746 2-Apr George son John Jones Mary        
1746 20-Apr Elizabeth dau George Harry Elizabeth        
1746 25-May Thomas son Thomas Paine Rachel        
1746 25-May Sarah dau Isaac Bird Betty        
1746 10-Aug Elizabeth dau William Morgan Johanna        
1746 14-Sep John son Charles Kemeys Catherine        
1747 2-Apr Tabitha dau Walter Anthony Anne        
1747 19-May Mary dau William Williams Alice        
1747 8-Jun Ann dau John Jones Mary        
1747 14-Oct ? son Samuel Baker Mary        
1747 14-Oct ? son George Gettign? Rachel        
1747/8 27-Jan ? son Abraham Baker Elizabeth        
1747/8 29-Feb ? dau Will Thumwood Elizabeth        
1747/8 6-Mar Mary? dau John Kemeys Anne        
1748 17-Nov Edward son William Bland Mary        
1748 4-Dec Sarah dau Edward Timothy Margaret        
1749 22-Jan David? son William Morgan Joanne        
1749 23-Feb Elizabeth dau John Jones Mary        
1749 2-Apr Charles son Charles Kemeys Catherine        
1749 10-Apr Thomas son John Jones Mary   Creek    
1749 23-Apr John son Thomas Paine Rachel        
1749 7-May Edward son Roger Harry Mary        
1749 28-May Ann dau Isaac Bird Betty        
1749 29-May Edward son John? Jones Alice   Runston    
1749 6-Aug Sarah dau Will Deacon Susan        
1749 25-Nov Edward son Tho Williams Jane        
1749 26-Dec William son Will Williams Alice        
1749 31-Dec Mary dau Samuel Baker Mary        
Year date Child's name ~son or daughter Father' christian name Father's surname Mother's name Mother's surname (if different) from (if not Mathern) occupation notes
1750 27-Aug William son William Williams Catherine        
1750 29-Aug William son William Bland Mary        
1750 16-Oct Elenor dau John Jones Mary   Treleny?    
1750/1 27-Jan William son Walter Anthony Anne        
1751 4-Jun Mary dau John Jones Mary   Creek    
1751 1-Sep Elizabeth dau Isaac Bird Betty        
1752 22-Mar Edward son Edward Timothy Margaret        
1752 6-Jul Isaac son John Jones Mary   Treleny?    
1752 6-Jul Rebecca dau John Jones Mary   Treleny?    
1752 30-Aug Thomas son William Bland Mary        
1752 5-Nov Elizabeth dau Samuel Baker Mary        
1752 3-Dec Sarah dau Thomas Paine Rachel        
1752 10-Dec John son William Williams Alice        
1753 18-Mar Paul son David Lawrence Bridget        
1753 20-May George son David Lewis Mary        
1753 10-Jun John son William Deacon Susan        
1753 11-Jun ? son Thomas Williams Jane        
1753 7-Oct Thomas son Anthony Jones Elizabeth        
1753 18-Dec William son John Collins Margaret        
1754 5-Mar Mary dau William Bland Mary        
1754 3-Jun William son Charles Kemeys Catherine        
1755 20-Apr John son John Player Jane Lee      
1755 14-Sep Susan dau Tho Williams Jane        
1755 5-Oct James son James Watkins Mary        
1756 15-Aug Ann dau John Buxton Mary        
1757 3-Jan Joanna dau George Thomas Mary        
1757 6-Jan John son John Jones Rachel   Trelenny    
1757 13-Jan Mary dau Edward Handy? Mary        
1757 26-Jun George son Thomas Pain Rachel        
1757 27-Nov Thomas son William Williams Margaret        
1757 4-Dec Margaret dau John Collins Margt        
1757 29-Dec Jane dau Edward Watkins Mary        
1758 8-Jan Rachel dau George Thomas Mary Runston      
1758 29-Jan Anthony son Anthony Jones Elizabeth        
1758 5-Mar William son William Lewellyn Mary        
1758 9-Jul Sarah dau Isaac Baker Anne        
1758 17-Sep Samuel son Samuel Huntley Mary        
1758 22-Nov Aaron son Aaron Jones Elizabeth        
1759 11-Feb Edmund son Edward Rowland          
1759 18-Feb John son John Collins Margaret        
1759 6-May Mary dau James Carter Anne        
1759 26-Jun Mary dau John Jones Rachel Trelenny      
1759 1-Jul Ann dau Thomas Williams Susan        
1759 2-Dec William son David Lewis Mary        
1759 27-Dec Thomas son Edward Watkins Mary        
Year date Child's name ~son or daughter Father' christian name Father's surname Mother's name Mother's surname (if different) from (if not Mathern) occupation notes
1760 16-Jun Mary dau Henry Lewis Elizabeth        
1760 26-Oct Henry son William Lewellyn Mary        
1760 26-Nov Thomas son James Carter Mary        
1760 31-Dec Moses son Aaron Jones Elizabeth        
  N.B. Moses the son of Aaron Jones by Elizabeth his wife, was christened in my absence and not registered by my assistant, but it appears from an entry in a book of his Father's that he was born Febry 19th 1760. Edward Davies, Vicar
1761 1-Feb John son unknown   Margaret Powsle?     Natural son, father unknown
1761 28-Sep Thomas son Thomas Williams Susan        
1762 14-Feb John son Evan Jones Jane        
1762 3-Mar Hannah dau Aaron Jones Elizabeth        
1762 28-Mar Sarah dau Samuel Huntley Mary        
1762 4-Apr John son Isaac Baker Ann        
1762 2-Jun John son Edward Watkins Mary        
1762 10-Oct William son William Williams Gardiner          
1762 26-Dec Elenor dau James Carter Ann        
1763 27-Mar Mary dau Richard Jane Alice Runston      
1763 1-May Jane dau Thomas Roberts Jane        
1763 15-May William son William Morgan Margaret        
1763 23-Oct Pleasant dau John Bird Elizabeth        
1764 12-Mar John son Aron Jones Elizabeth        
1764 16-Sep Jane dau Richard Jane Alice Runston      
1764 7-Oct Thomas son Thomas Morgan Rachel Runston      
1765 6-Jan John son William Morgan Jane        
1765 24-Feb Maria dau William Williams Gardener          
1765 24-Feb Tacy dau William Llewellyn Mary        
1765 31-Mar Sarah dau Evan Jones Jane        
1765 14-Apr Mary dau Samuel Huntley Mary        
1765 21-Apr Ann dau Edward Watkins Mary        
1765 21-Apr Ann dau John Kemeys Margaret        
1765 3-Jun William son William Marshall Mary        
1765 16-Jun John son Thomas Williams Susan        
1765 21-Jul James son James Carter Ann        
1766 1-Jan George son John Watkins Elizabeth        
1766 26-Jan Thomas son Daniel Thurston Mary        
1766 2-Mar Susanna dau Thomas Reece Mary        
1766 9-Mar Mary dau Thomas Morgan Rachel Broadwell      
1766 16-Mar Elizabeth dau James Morgan Ann        
1766 30-Mar Sarah dau Thomas Robert Jane        
1766 2-Nov Elizabeth dau John Thomas Mary        
1766 21-Dec Ann dau Joseph Dudley Ann        
1766 21-Dec Elizabeth dau John Kemeys Margaret        
1767 18-Jan Edward son William Parker Mary        
1767 8-Feb Thomas? son James Morgan Ann        
1767 15-Mar Ann dau Thomas Edmunds Jane        
1767 3-May Sarah dau Edward Watkins Mary        
1767 14-Jun William son William Morgan Martha   Runston    
  N.B. the father of this child has but two fingers on each hand and the same number of toes upon each foot. The child is exactly the same in this respect with the father
1767 3-Jun William son Thomas Williams Susanna        
1767 20-Sep Elizabeth dau John Watkins Elizabeth        
1767 1-Nov Ann dau James Carter Ann        
1768 3-Jan William son Charles Kemeys Dorothy        
1768 23-Oct Thomas son Thomas Harris Alice        
1768 27-Nov Charles son Thomas Williams Susan        
1769 5-Feb Ann dau Philip Allen Not given        
1769 14-May none son Richard Jane Alice   Runston    
1769 19-Jun Mary dau Morgan Edwards Mary   Mounton    
1769 23-Jul Martha dau John Parker Mary        
1769 6-Aug Elizabeth dau James Carter Ann        
1769 29-Oct Thomas son Evan Jones Jane        
1769 24-Dec Ann dau John Giles Susan   Mounton    
1769 10-Dec Walter son William Parker Mary        
Year date Child's name ~son or daughter Father' christian name Father's surname Mother's name Mother's surname (if different) from (if not Mathern) occupation notes
1770 8-Mar John son Joseph Thomas Susanna        
1770 23-Sep Sarah dau Thomas Williams Susan        
1770 24-Nov Ann dau Thomas Morgan Mary        
1770 16-Dec Francis son Morgan Philips Elizabeth        
1770 16-Dec Mary dau Morgan Philips Elizabeth        
  N.B. thro' the neglect of their parents these children when baptised were vid: Francis eight years of age and Mary six years of age
1771 20-Jan Hannah dau Thomas Robert Jane        
1771 12-Mar Ruth dau Thomas Edwards Rachel   Runston    
1771 24-Mar William son Evan Jones Jane        
1771 1-Dec Grace dau William not given Margaret        
1772 26-Jan Mary twin dau William Arnold Mary        
1772 26-Jan Ann twin dau William Arnold Mary        
1772 2-Feb Thomas son George Thomas Elizabeth        
1772 9-Feb William son James Wise Joan   Mounton    
1772 29-Mar John son William Harry Susan        
1772 5-Apr Ann dau Thomas Robert Jane        
1772 12-Apr William son Richard Jane Alice        
1772 19-Apr James son James Carter Ann        
1772 3-May John son John Bird Rachel        
1772 14-Jun Mary dau Joseph Thomas Susanna        
1772 14-Jun James son John Brown Alice   Mounton    
  N.B. The above named James was 5 years old
1772 14-Jun Mary dau John Brown Alice   Mounton    
  and Mary 2 years old
1773 11-Apr Edward son John Williams Cecil        
1773 18-Apr Hester dau John Thomas Elizabeth        
1773 1-Aug Ann dau John Modger? Mary        
1773 21-Nov James son   Harry Elizabeth       Natural son
1773 23-Nov Arah? dau Thomas Bennett Arah        
1773 19-Dec Ann dau William Parker Mary        
1773 29-Dec Thomas? son James Brown? Ann        
1774 2-Jan Abraham son Samuel Baker Ann        
1774 2-Jan William son Joseph Thomas Susanna        
1774 18-Feb John son Thomas Davies Ann        
1774 23-Feb Mary dau James Wise Joan        
1774 29-May Thomas son John Allewell? Hannah        
1774 29-May George son James Cooper Ann        
1774 24-Jul James son William Arnold Mary        
1774 4-Dec George son Isaac Bird Ann        
1774 26-Dec Mary dau William Lawrence Elizabeth        
  N.B. the above named Mary was 2 years old when christened
1774 26-Dec Tudor? son William Lawrence Elizabeth        
1775 19-Mar Jane dau Thomas Harry Alice        
1775 4-Apr Elizabeth dau John Thomas Elizabeth        
1775 5-Apr William son   Gunter Mary       Natural son
1775 9-Apr John son John Watkins Mary   Mounton    
1775 9-Apr Mary dau John Roger Mary   Runston    
1775 28-May Joseph son Joseph Thomas Susan        
1775 5-Jun William son Thomas Roberts Jane       Ye said William was 1 year old
1775 6-Jun James son Evan Jones Jane        
1775 25-Jun William son William Harry Susanna        
1775 9-Oct Thomas son Thomas Davies Anne        
1776 3-Mar Frances dau John Lewis Elizabeth        
1776 17-Mar James William? son Thomas Davies Anne        
1776 1-Apr Rachel dau Thomas Edward Rachel        
1776 8-Apr Martha dau James Carler? Anne        
1776 14-Apr Hannah dau Walter Crickman? Joan        
1776 21-Apr Isaac son John Bird Rachel        
1776 28-Apr Hannah dau Samuel Jones Francis   Mounton    
1776 12-May Sarah dau John Kemmeys Elizabeth        
1776 26-May Jane dau William Davies Jane        
1776 27-Jul Thomas son Jno Walters? Jane   Mounton    
1776 27-Jul Mary dau John Roger?          
1776 16-Aug Mary dau James Harry Jane        
1776 14-Nov Elizabeth dau Samuel Baker Ann        
1776 15-Dec Harry son William Barker? Mary        
1777 9-Feb William son William ?? Mary        
1777 20-Mar Mary dau Thomas Hasong? Anne   Mounton    
1777 13-Apr James son John William Brother Cecil        
1777 22-Jun Elizabeth dau John Thomas Elizabeth        
1777 24-Aug Elizabeth dau John ?? Elizabeth        
1777 14-Sep Mary dau ? Davies Anne        
1777 20-Sep Paul son William Larne? Elizabeth        
1777 21-Dec Mary dau James Harris Jane        
1778 12-Apr Samuel son Samuel Jones Frances   Mounton    
1778 21-Apr George son Thomas Edwards Rachel   Broadwell    
1778 31-May Anne dau John Thomas Grace   Crick    
1778 7-Jun Susannah dau Wm Harry Susannah        
1778 19-Jul Mary dau   Kemmys Anne       Natural child
1778 4-Aug Jane dau   Watkins Susannah       Natural child baptised at Mounton
1778 16-Aug John son Wm? Roger Mary   Runston    
1778 29-Oct Edmund son Rev. Henry Williams Martha        
1778 15-Nov Elizabeth dau Samuel Baker Ann        
1778 22-Nov Thomas son   Harry Mary       Natural son
1778 27-Dec John son John Pukman? Tabitha        
1779 3-Jan Mary dau Jonnes Watkins          
1779 7-Mar George son Thomas Herbert? Jane       2 years old
1779 7-Mar Thomas? son Thomas Roberts Jane        
1779 13-Jun Rachel dau Thomas Harry Alice        
1779 8-Aug Elizabeth dau Jno? Waters Jane   Mounton    
1779 21-Nov Ann dau James Harries Jane        
Year date Child's name ~son or daughter Father' christian name Father's surname Mother's name Mother's surname (if different) from (if not Mathern) occupation notes
1780 13-Feb John son Wm Anthoney Margaret        
1780 16-Jul Richard son Wm Parry Mary        
1780 25-Dec Elizabeth dau Jno William         looks like Butcher, by Cecil
1781 7-Apr William son John Rogers Mary   Runston    
1781 1-May James son Thomas Edwards Rachel   Broadwell    
1781 20-May John son James Wise Joan     Baker  
1781 27-May Easther dau Charles Bennett Ann        
1781 3-Jun Wm son Thomas Davis Ann        
1781 15-Jul Susannah dau Samuel Baker Anne        
1781 12-Aug Joseph son Joseph Thomas Susan        
1781 26-Aug Wm son Wm Anthoney Margaret        
1781 24-Oct George son Wm Harry Susannah        
1781 24-Oct William son Wm Scull? Elizabeth   Mounton    
1781 7-Nov Ann dau John Lewis Elizabeth       date unreadable
1781 1-Dec Wm son George Harry Catherine       date unreadable
    Christenings continue on page 17.                
1782 5-May William son George Lewis Mary        
1782 19-May Elizabeth dau Thomas Dods? Ann        
1782 7-Jul ?? dau Thomas Morgan Mary        
1782 21-Jul Ann dau Thomas Roberts Ann        
1782 8-Jul Elenor dau Mr. Waters Jane   Mounton    
1782 20-Oct Mary dau Mr. Williams Mary        
1782 31-Oct Mary? dau Samuel?? Jones Frances??   ??    
1782 22-Dec Elizabeth dau William Parker Mary        
1782 22-Dec Ann dau Samuel Baker Ann        
1783 2-Mar Hannah dau Nathaniel Harry? (King?) Jane        
1783 5-Apr John son Wm Carter Sarah        
1783 4-Jul Thomas son Thomas Paine Judy       baptised at a house at Crick
1783 4-Jul Rachel dau Thomas Paine Judy       baptised at a house at Crick
1784 20-Jan John son Thomas Roberts Ann        
1784 10-Apr Thomas son Wm Palmer Jane        
1784 16-May Ann dau Nathaniel King? Jane        
1784 ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???       unreadable line
1784 15-Aug Sarah dau John Lewis Elizabeth        
1784 12-Sep Walter son Samuel Wells Mary        
1784 24-Oct Rachel dau John Roger Mary        
1784 30-Nov Ann dau Thomas Watkins Mary       date unreadable - after 24th October but in 1784
1785 9-Jan Ann dau Thomas Watkins Mary        
1785 3-Apr George son Charles Price Sarah        
1785 24-Apr Ann dau William Anthoney Margaret        
1785 7-Sep Abraham son James ?? Mary        
1785 20-Nov Thomas son Thomas Roberts Ann        
1785 22-Dec Samuel son Samuel Baker Ann        
1786 26-Feb John son Thomas Williams Susanna   Mounton    
1786 2-Apr Sarah dau William James Mary   Mounton    
1786 14-Apr James son Thomas Davies Ann        
1786 16-Apr John son Thomas Williams Ann        
1786 23-Apr Mary dau David Evans Mary        
1786 13-Aug John son William Anthoney Margaret        
1786 7-Aug John Woodroffe son Thomas Long Susanna        
1786 20-Sep Frances dau Wm Howell Elizabeth   Thornwell   baptised 4th April 1780(?), but publically christened 20th Septr 1786
1786 8-Oct William son William Evans Sarah        
1787 7-Jun William son William Richards Ann     duty 3d said boy was born within 14days after marriage
1787 22-Jul Benjamin son Samuel Wells Mary     duty 3d  
1788 20-Jan Susanna dau William James? Mary     duty 3d  
1788 27-Jan Mary dau John Vaughan Elizabeth     duty 3d  
1788 2-Mar Elizabeth dau John James Elizabeth     duty 3d  
1788 30-Mar Hannah dau Nathaniel King Jane        
1788 30-Mar Elizabeth dau Nathaniel King Jane        
1788 13-Apr Mary dau Charles Price Sarah        
1788 13-Apr George son William Morris? Susannah        
1788 27-Apr James son Thomas Roberts Ann        
1788 1-Jun Edward son John Prozer Mary        
1788 7-Jun Mary dau William Morgan Martha        
1788 14-Jun Priscilla dau James Ann Bendell        
1788 28-Dec Ann dau David Evans Mary       date given as 10br (?)
1789 15-Mar ?? son Thomas Jones? Mary     duty 3d  
1789 15-Mar ?? ? William Morgan Ann     duty 3d  
1789 26-Mar Hannah? dau Thomas Edwards Rachel   Broadwell duty 3d  
1789 20-Jul James son James Davis Jane     poor  
1789 16-Aug Danial son William Williams Elizabeth        
Year date Child's name ~son or daughter Father' christian name Father's surname Mother's name Mother's surname (if different) from (if not Mathern) occupation notes
1790 3-Jan Elizabeth dau William Morris Susannah        
1790 28-Feb ?? dau Charles Price Sarah     poor  
1790 1-Mar Jane dau   Williams       poor Bastard daughter?
1790 4-Jul Mary Ann dau James Bendell Ann     duty 3d  
1790 26-Sep Mary dau ?? ??       poor  
1790 3-Oct Mary dau Charles Jones Hannah     poor  
1790 24-Oct Thomas son William Anthony? Margaret     duty 3d  
1790 24-Nov Rachel dau Thomas Pritchards? Elizabeth     duty 3d  
1790 28-Dec Sarah dau William Roger Mary        
1790 19-Dec Sarah dau Nathaniel King Jane        
1791 9-Jan James son Thomas Long? Susannah       was born 15th May 1789
1791 9-Jan Susannah dau Thomas Long Susannah     duty 6d  
1791 9-Jan John son William Morgan Susannah     duty 3d  
1791 5-Jun John son Philip Jones Sarah     duty 3d  
1791 26-Jun Thomas son David Evans Mary     duty 3d  
1791 7-Aug Ann dau Samuel Baker Ann     poor  
1791 7-Aug Wm son Thomas Roberts Ann        
1791 27-Nov Tacy Ann dau Thomas Williams Susannah     duty 3d  
1791 11-Nov Amy dau William Stevens Margaret     duty 3d  
1792 29-Jan Ann dau William Morris Susanna     duty 3d  
1792 26-Feb Elizabeth dau William Evans Sarah     duty 3d  
1792 15-Apr Lov??is son John James Elizabeth     poor  
1792 8-Apr Margaret dau Wm Anthoney Margaret     poor  
1792 20-May Rachel twin dau Nathaniel King Jane     poor  
1792 20-May Elizabeth twin dau Nathaniel King Jane     poor  

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