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Burials at St. Tewdric, Mathern
Year date Name Surname Infant notes Where buried (if different) Duty paid
1742 12-Apr Frances Williams   wife of Arthur Williams    
1742 12-Apr Mary Thomas   daughter of Thomas Thomas    
1742 20-Apr Mary Williams   daughter of William Williams    
1742 23-Aug Elizabeth Kemeys   wife of Edward Kemeys    
1742 4-Oct Thomas Morgan        
1742/3 9-Jan Mary Wheeler        
1742/3 10-Feb A bastard     of ??? Morgan    
1742/3 10-Mar Edward Hayman?        
1742/3 10-Mar James Ridgway?   son of Jno Ridgway? Runston  
1742/3 10-Mar William Dickman        
1743 15-Jul Bridget Hughes   daughter of Thos Hughes    
1743/4 19-Jan Philip Thomas        
1743/4 20-Jan Ann Cades? (Eades?)        
1744 26-Mar Betty Rosser   daughter of Samuel and Rose Rosser    
1744 12-Apr Blanch Thomas   wife of Thomas Thomas    
1744 ?? Richard Griffiths        
1744 ?? William Thumwood        
1744 ?? Catherine Morgan        
1744 ?? Rachel Payne        
1744 18-Oct John Thumwood?   10ber the 18th    
1744 11-Sep Thomas Williams   son of William Williams by Alice    
1745 12-Oct Daniel Lewis   son of Daniel Lewis    
1745 27-Oct Charles Kemeys        
1745/6 28-Jan Aaron Jones        
1745/6 21-Feb James Rosser   son of Samuel and Rose Rosser    
1746 29-Apr Nichols Philip        
1746 21-Sep John Thomas        
1746/7 2-Mar Mary Baker Infant      
1746/7 11-Mar Mary Jones Infant      
1746/7 12-Mar Rachel Morgan        
1746/7 23-Mar Sarah Baker        
1747 20-Nov Alice Edwards        
1747 22-Nov Stephen Llewellyn        
1747 24-Dec Martha Williams        
1747/8 7-Feb Ann Gethin?   wife of Charles Gethin of the town of Chepstow    
1747/8 28-Feb Elizabeth Harry Infant      
1748 18-Apr William Cooke   of the town of Chepstow    
1749 29-May Edward Harry Infant      
1749 30-May Elizabeth Kemeys        
1750 9-Jun Griffith White   a Foreigner?    
1750 10-Jun Joyce Griffiths        
1750 19-Jun William Watkins     Runston  
1750 20-Jun Elizabeth Wise        
1750 30-Sep Ann Hayman?        
1750 16-Oct Francis Williams   a boatman of Portskewet    
1751 11-Jun Edward Jones   son of John Jones of Creek    
1751 29-Aug Thomas Philips   of Caerwent    
1751 3-Sep William Parker   of the parish of Portskewet    
1752 27-Feb Joseph Waters   of the parish of Shirenewton    
1753 23-Feb Thomas Bland Infant      
1753 24-Feb Elizabeth Waters        
1753 25-Sep Rebecca Jones Infant daughter of John Jones of Treleny    
1753 28-Oct Walter Anthony        
1755 16-Feb Edward Kemeys        
1755 13-Apr Alice Williams   wife of William Williams    
1755 1-Sep John Bennet        
1755 13-Sep Isaac Jones   son of John Jones    
1755 23-Sep John Williams        
1756 10-Dec Mary Collins        
1757 11-Feb Cecil Lewis        
1757 21-Feb Elizabeth Morgan        
1757 27-May Mary Naish   widow    
1757 28-May Alice Wise        
1757 18-Jul Alice Williams Infant      
1757 1-Aug Mary Williams Infant      
1757 3-Aug Jane Morgan   wife of Job Morgan    
1757 3-Aug Luce Prosser        
1757 31-Aug Job Morgan        
1757 24-Aug Rachel Pain        
1757 8-Nov Mary Waters   of Thornwell, drowned    
1758 8-Jun Ann Jones        
1758 8-Sep Isaac Badger?        
1759 22-Jun Thomas Williams        
1750 8-Jul George Gethin   of the little Panty    
1760 28-Sep Susan Deacon Infant      
1760 2-Dec Mary Huntly   The mother of Mary mentioned in the next page    
1760 26-Apr Anthony Jones   At the expense of the Club, towards the support of labourers and workmen in their sickness, held in the town of Chepstow, being himself a member of it. N.B. They (after burying their dead members) give five pounds to their widows if they leave any behind them, out of a fund, now grown considerable belonging to the said Club    
1761 6-Sep Edward Hayman?   Drowned in the Bristol River    
1761 16-Aug Martha Parker        
1761 23-Oct Mary Huntly   The daughter (see 2/12/1760)    
1761 27-Nov Edward Harry   son of William Harry    
1761 13-Dec William Meredith        
1762 2-Mar Mary Williams Infant      
1763 1-Feb Henry Lewis        
1763 17-Dec Mary Evans   wife of James Evans    
1764 31-Mar William Kemeys   son of John Kemeys    
1764 20-Apr Ann Kemeys   daughter of John Kemeys    
1764 19-Jun Mary Watkins   wife of James Watkins    
1764 22-Oct James Philip 82      
1765 30-Mar William Yates 82      
1765 19-May Abraham Baker Infant      
1765 22-Jun Rachel Jones   of Treleny    
1765 24-Jul Maria Williams Infant      
1765 2-Aug James Evans 85      
1765 9-Aug Ann Watkins Infant      
1765 17-Aug Catherine Kemeys   wife of Charles Kemeys    
1765 15-Sep John Watkins Infant      
1765 29-Oct John Edwards        
1766 18-Mar Thomas Watkins   son of Edward Watkins    
1766 2-Apr Joseph Williams        
1766 10-Jul Abraham Baker        
1766 19-Jul George Williams        
1766 31-Aug Not given Thomas   wife of John Thomas of Chepstow    
1766 10-Sep Elizabeth Bird   The wife and new born son of John Bird were buried in the same coffin    
1766 10-Sep John Bird Infant    
1766 21-Oct Thomas Thurston Infant      
1766 23-Nov James Williams   of Mounton    
1766 30-Nov Thomas Saunders        
1766 22-Dec Joan Bale   of Cophil    
1767 7-Jan Rees Jones        
1767 13-Jan William Williams Gardiner        
1767 13-Jan Thomas Jones Infant the son of Evan Jones    
1767 15-Feb William Baker   N.B. Fell into the river, thro' Chepstow Bridge in the night, while repairing, and was drowned    
1767 4-Apr Mary Williams   wife of William Williams lately deceased    
1767 10-May Joyis Davis        
1767 4-Jun Thomas Morgan   of Broadwell    
1768 20-Jan Elizabeth Thumwood   wife of William Thumwood of St. Peer    
1768 17-Apr Mary Pain        
1768 29-May Thomas Llewellyn        
1768 1-Sep John Kemeys        
1769 9-Feb Susan Kemeys        
1770 10-Mar William Williams        
1770 25-Mar Mary Parker   the wife of John Parker    
1770 19-Sep Henry Wise        
1770 27-Nov Jane Beavan?        
1770 12-Dec William Kemeys   the son of Charles Kemeys    
1771 11-Jan Ann Jones        
1771 15-Jan Elizabeth Jones        
1771 11-Feb Thomas Hughes        
1771 7-Jun William Thumwood        
1772 23-Feb John Thomas        
1772 9-Mar Ann Jones   daughter of John Jones of Crick    
1772 13-Apr Rose Rosser   wife of Samuel Rosser, Gent    
1772 24-Apr Edward Watkins Miller        
1772 3-May John Thomas   son of Joseph Thomas    
1774 19-May Martha Williams   widow    
1774 4-Dec Isaac Bird   labourer    
1775 2-Jan George King   widower    
1775 3-Mar George Thomas   labourer    
1775 13-Mar Aaron Jones   farmer    
1775 22-May Mary Roger   daughter of John Roger of Runston    
1775 5-Jun Joseph Thomas   junr    
1775 25-Jun James Jones   son of Evan Jones Tailer    
1775 12-Oct Ann Bayton (Bu(x)(n)ton?)   of Carewent. Drowned in going to Bristol    
1775 10-Nov Charles Kemonies?   labourer    
1776 24-Jan Samuel Rosser   Gent    
1776 31-Mar William Davies   son of Thomas Davies, labourer    
1776 9-Apr James Davies   son of Thomas Davies, labourer    
1776 23-Jul Eleanor Robert   widow    
1776 6-Sep Mary Harris   the daughter of James Harris, labourer    
1776 26-Oct Mary Morgan   of C?    
1776 6-Nov Hannah Blan   daughter of Edward Blan. Drowned    
1777 17-Feb John Jones   of Crick    
1777 20-Mar Margaret Williams   wife of John Williams    
1777 1-Apr Mary Matson?   daughter of Thomas Matson?, at Mounton    
1777 20-Apr ?? ??   at Mounton    
1777 27-May Thomas Jones   son of Evan Jones, Oppressed? By a Waggon    
1777 17-Aug Thomas Beavan   the Oldder(?)    
1777 7-Sep Thomas Morgan   son of Thomas Morgan    
1777 7-Nov James Watkins   labourer    
1777 30-Nov Elizabeth Lewis(?)        
1778 4-Apr Daniel Lewis        
1778 4-Apr Ann Hughes   widow    
1778 24-Jun Susannah Thomas Infant through Drinking B??? Unknown to her    
1778 8-Jul Jane Morgan Infant      
1778 16-Jul Martha Morgan Infant      
1778 16-Aug Elizabeth Baker Infant      
1778 21-Aug James Williams        
1778 6-Oct Elizabeth Jones   widow    
1778 27-Dec Thomas Harry        
1779 11-Jan Elizabeth Laurence   wife of William Laurence    
1779 14-Jan William Watkins   smallpox Mounton  
1779 17-Jan Mary Watkins   smallpox Mounton  
1779 15-Mar Elizabeth Watkins   smallpox Mounton  
1779 27-Apr William Thomas        
1779 24-May Mary Wise Infant smallpox Mounton  
1779 19-Jun David Evans   of Runston - smallpox    
1779 24-Jun Frances Lewis Infant smallpox    
1779 9-Jul Walter Parker Infant smallpox    
1779 14-Jul Edward Parker a lad smallpox    
1779 25-Sep Sarah Watkins     Runston  
1779 27-Dec Jane Parker        
1780 9-Feb Paul Laurence        
1780 11-Feb Thomas Roberts Infant      
1780 3-Mar Mary ?? Infant      
1780 23-Apr Susan Deacon(?)        
1780 22-May Elizabeth Walters   widow    
1780 21-Oct William Jones   killed by a wagon going over his neck(?) while drunk    
1780 23-Oct Mary Hughes        
1781 30-Jan Jane Roberts        
1781 1-Feb Robert Lee        
1781 21-Mar Jane Wise   daughter of James Wise    
1781 19-Jun William Roger Infant      
1782 4-Mar Sarah Roberts        
1782 7-Apr Mary Morgan   daughter of Thomas Morgan    
1782 24-Apr Ann Lewis   daughter of John Lewis    
1782 9-Jun Dorothy Sanders   widow    
1782 12-Jun John(?) Williams   widower    
1782 2-Nov Mary(?) Jones(?)   infant    
1782 13-Nov Joan Bennett        
1782 29-Nov David Lewis        
1783 26-Jan Harry Llewellin        
1783 6-Feb John Anthoney Infant      
1783 4-Apr Sarah Carter        
1783 25-Apr Ann Roberts        
1783 11-May Thomas Roberts   widower    
1783 6-Jun John Watkins     Mounton  
1783 6-Jul Thomas Paine twin children of Thomas Paine were buried in the same coffin 6th July 1783 being Sunday    
1783 6-Jul Rachel Paine twin    
1783 27-Sep John Isaac   Yeoman at Mathern    
1783 19-Dec Chritian Gregory Infant     duty 3d
1783 28-Dec Mary Thurston       duty 3d
1784 20-Jan William Morgan       pauper
1784 29-Mar Ann Williams       duty 3d
1784 29-Mar Mary Williams       pauper
1784 1-Apr William Williams       pauper
1784 13-Apr Ann Williams       pauper
1784 30-Apr Elizabeth Jenkins       duty 3d
1784 4-May Thomas Bennett       duty 3d
1784 24-Oct Ann Anthony   widow   pauper
1784 21-Nov Sarah Watkins   of Mounton Mounton pauper
1784 24-Nov Sarah Weber(?)   smallpox - a servant hired of Mr Rosser   duty 3d
1785 16-Jan Thomas Williams   of the Botom(?)   duty 3d
1785 22-Mar Mary Roberts       pauper
1785 10-Apr James Thomas   of Chepstow   duty 3d
1785 9-Nov John Bird       duty 3d
1785 26-Dec Elizabeth Baker   widow   duty 3d
1786 21-Feb William Price   died in the ?? Had it for 8 years    
1786 23-Jun Susannah Hollis(?)     Mounton  
1787 26-Feb Mary Lewis   widow    
1787 7-May William Hollis(?)     Mounton  
1787 23-Sep Mary Hayman   widow    
1787 30-Sep David Lawrence   widower    
1787 27-Nov Benjamin Wells Infant      
1788 23-Jan Mary Jones   widow from Crick House   poor
1788 19-Mar Martha Lewis   widow   duty 3d
1788 14-Apr Catherine Williams   widow   poor
1788 14-Apr Jenkin Richards       poor
1788 20-May Thomas Pain       poor
1789 12-Jul Richard Jane   of Mounton   poor
1789 20-Jul Thomas Jones Infant     duty 3d
1789 23-Jul James Davis       poor
1789 29-Jul David Evans   widower   poor
1790 7-Mar James Baker(?)   of Newton Green   poor
1790 6-Apr Ann Baker       poor
1790 4-Jul George Roberts Infant     poor
1790 28-Oct Thomas Watkins(?)   Clerk of Mounton Mounton poor
1791 3-Feb Elizabeth Jones   wife of Edward Jones, of smallpox   duty 3d
1791 24-Feb ?? Price   died of smallpox   poor
1791 2-Mar Thomas Harry   the Taylor   duty 3d
1791 10-Mar Sarah King   dr of Nathaniel King, smallpox   poor
1791 16-Mar Jane Davis   wife of James Davis, smallpox   poor
1791 25-Mar Mary Jones   wife of Anthony Jones, smallpox   duty 3d
1791 16-May Martha Lewis   wife of Richard Lewis Mounton  
1791 19-Jul Mary Davis       duty 3d
1792 17-Jan Alice Jane   widow, brought from Mounton   poor
1792 13-Mar Alice Jones   prenticed by the overseer of Bassalack to Thos Watkins Beech?? ??B the said woman was not able to stand without the assistance of two crutches, and on the ?? Of March was found in the Garden Well of the said Thos Watkins of Poolmeyrick drowned. ??? being(?), a voluntary choice or forced in?or pregnant by her said Master, who formerly was pilloried at Pontipool for committing a rape on an infant of the age of six years. (N.B. some words were missing in the facsimile copy - check with original. AJM)   pauper
1792 4-Apr Mary Hollis(?)   the dr of Thomas Hollis by his maid was drowned in the Brook by his house and was buried at Mounton 4th day of April, aged 16 months    
1792 9-Apr Wm Stephens       duty 3d
1792 1-Jun Thomas Roberts       duty 3d
1792 October Edward Wallis   son of Jno Wallis Butcher    


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