Vicars of Mathern

1362 Philip the Monk
1508 Sir James
1519 Thomas AP Howel
1535 Philip Veyn
1560 David AP Rees
(or Sir David Price)
1591 Hugh Lewis
1601 Richard Bullock
Brasenose College, Oxford
1603 William Powell
1608 Theophilus Emily B.A.
Magdalen College, Oxford
1622 Richard Bullock M.A.
Brasenose College, Oxford
1623 Owen Rogers M.A.
Balliol College, Oxford
1641 Valentine Minge
Howel Jefferys B.A.
Jesus College, Oxford (Ejected by the Puritans in 1649)
1662 John Pierce M.A. (Suspended 1670)
1671 John Watkins
1673 Edward Williams
1680 Thomas Chest B.A.
Christ Church, Oxford (also Vicar of Chepstow)
1705 Robert Cross
1742 Edward Davies (Also Rector of Portskewett)
1789 William Thomas (Also Vicar of Caerwent)
1800 John Probyn M.A.
Christ Church, Oxford (Also Archdeacon of Llandaff)
James Williams M.A. Curate
1843 Thomas Lewis Williams M.A.
University College, Oxford
1879 Watkin Davies
1923 William Henry Williams M.A.
Jesus College, Oxford (Canon of Monmouth)
1943 Ebenezer Thomas Davies, M.A.
1948 Peter Ceredig Evans M.A.
Keble College, Oxford
1955 Samuel Griffith Thomas, B.A.
1960 Stanley Cyril Biss
1967 David Howel Glyn Lewis, B.A.
1975 Keith Malcolm Denison M.A. Ph.D.
Downing College, Cambridge
1985 Andrew Robert Willie B.A. Bristol
M.A. Fitzwilliam College Cambridge
1998 Julian E Ll White

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